ALEXATOP - Finding domains in CIDRs

Answering a question nobody bothered asking.

Travis dropped

I put this tool together over a weekend in order to produce a dataset for other tools I’m writing. We PoC this against the Alexa top 1m, but you might enjoy using it to find domains that land in other ranges of interest.


In this session, I use ALEXATOP to identify around 50 domains hosted by CloudFlare, then quit.

Sure, close enough to 50.

Operator Notes

Use 200 threads, use 5000 threads. It doesn’t really matter.

Grab your own copy


Grab some data

cut -d, -f2- top-1m.csv > top1m.txt
./ALEXATOP -nameFile top1m.txt -n 50 -threads 1000 2>/dev/null

Grab Alexa top 1m, unzip, and let it rip.